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Welcome to Healthy, Not Crazy!

We have a passion to empower others to improve their health and nutrition so they can experience amazing health and have the capacity to serve God in the areas that they are called….to live life FULLY ALIVE.

_MG_7534The content of this website and the events we put on are for anyone who desires to make healthier lifestyle choices.  We have a passion to fight for people’s freedom from the food and chemical induced afflictions!

The food we eat must construct and nourish every cell in our body.  When we neglect or abuse our bodies with food, symptoms ranging from slightly irritating to completely debilitating emerge: hormonal imbalances, mood disorders, difficulty sleeping, joint pain, fatigue, skin rashes, weight gain, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.  Even the mildest of these symptoms can place a strain on our relationships.

Mike supported me through years of illness.  This experience led me to the conclusion that physical illness severely limits our capacity to serve God and others.  When changes in my diet proved to be crucial for my healing, I realized that others are also suffering the consequences of poor diet—and they don’t even know it!

The vast number of diet books, the internet, and the media inundate us with conflicting information that is overwhelming and confusing.  If there’s too much information or it’s too complicated, people tend to do nothing.  Therefore, despite having a desire to make healthier choices, most people simply don’t know HOW to take the first step.  This website and our events are intended to demystify nutrition and inspire people to make significant and sustainable changes.

In the last five years, we’ve delved deeper into eating unrefined, plant-based, gluten free, largely organic, non-GMO whole foods.  We have also moved towards using natural body care products and cosmetics.  To take it a step further, we have replaced medications with natural plant based alternatives.

We have become quite accustomed to the looks we receive when people see and hear about our lifestyle….they think we’re nuts!  That is where our name came from….we really are just HEALTHY, NOT CRAZY!

If you have any questions, please feel free to use the Contact Us page and send us a note!

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